The Death of Cable TV is Coming

Once upon a time people simply used antennas to get signal for their television, and while that is still certainly possible, most people do not settle for that. We are no longer happy with just a few channels, but instead want to be able to see hundreds of television shows and movies at any given moment. Of course, many cable companies seem to take advantage of customers, as they require every package to include a ton of channels that nobody will ever use. This has led many people to get rid of cable, and now with the latest technology and options this is becoming more and more popular every day.

The idea is that many online streaming services can offer better quality content than cable for far cheaper prices. Usually they offer these prices because instead of having to negotiate non-stop with specific channels, they simply offer up the content that their users seem to want and enjoy. Continue reading

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Technology Trends in Higher Education

Technology has had a great deal of influence over education. Over 1.6 million college students (specifically community college students) enrolled in at least one online course during the fall of 2002 and over one-third of these same students took all of their courses online. With these numbers in place and the continued growth of student population, technology in education has become the solution for many higher education institutions.

With such an explosion of growth and need, the use of technology has not always been positive. Problems have plagued the use of technology in higher education classes throughout the country. Many people within the system see five major trends that will affect the future of technology/distance learning. The following is a list these current trends in higher education:

o Growing population of students enrolling combined with inadequate infrastructure (faculty, administration, buildings, etc.)
o Changing student needs (lack of time and need for flexibility are foremost)
o Instruction altered to more student centered, non-linear, and self-directed (needed in order to meet the diverse academic needs of students)
o Necessity of lifelong learning classes
o knowledge and competency of students in the use of the Internet

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Impacts of Information Technology Outsourcing

In the midst of a global economic downturn, corporate top executives stay focused to upturn the organization’s revenue despite cost-effective turbulence. With the continuous effect of recession, companies consider outsourcing as an additional avenue to reach specific cost-saving objectives.

The prevalence of the business system in the world market can be attributed to the favorable benefits and advantages that it provides. Thus, multitudes of companies nowadays prefer to outsource some of their tasks.

Along with the global economic struggle is the advent of modern technology, specifically the Internet. It allows the establishment of more online business opportunities in various marketplaces. It also resulted to the emergence of numerous Information Technology industries. In fact, according to a latest survey, 38 percent of software development professionals use outsourcing to adhere to the requirements of their organization.

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Is Technology Making Our Lives Easier, Or Too Easy?

Since the announcement of the iPhone 5S and its new fingerprint password technology, I have been noticing just how much technology is constantly trying to improve itself. The invention of the mobile phone, the television and the internet were all remarkable, and yes, I do believe they have changed the world for the better. Since then, it seems that there has been a constant progression in the developments of technology by companies who are, apparently, trying to make our lives easier.

The invention of the microwave was exceptional in helping those clueless in the kitchen, but now I have managed to find myself a microwave oven. This little gem has so many different settings I do not really know how to even find most of them, but it works as an oven and a microwave. So yes, essentially, I now have two ovens and a microwave (and a hob, slow cooker, griddle, grill etc.) This is quite ridiculous as really my culinary skills do not stretch much further than a jacket potato and beans, but I feel it is nice to know I have an appliance for any task that may arise.

Furthering on from the computer, we now have flat screen computers, laptops and iPads or tablets; as well as interactive televisions, game consoles and even home security systems. The power of internet that is now in the forms of our own wireless broadband connections, public wifi and 3G means that we are now able to connect with each other, and even to our appliances, from anywhere in the world. So much so that I am able to make sure that my heating is on before I have even left work in the evenings! Even our devices are able to connect with each other using the internet, with the invention of wonderful things such as iCloud, all your data from one device (say, your phone) can be stored at home, on your laptop. Gone are the days where you lose all your contacts, and have to actually speak to people!

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Earn Money Using the Latest Technology

The world of recent technology presents many openings for the small-time entrepreneur to make money with nothing more than a computer of some kind, a fast Internet connection, and a great idea. One of the most rapidly growing fields of recent technology that allows entrepreneurs to easily capitalize on the opportunities it presents is the field of smartphone apps.

Turning your brilliant idea into a usable app for smartphone users around the world is pretty much just as easy as it sounds. Ever since 2007, the market and demand for smartphone apps has been rising sharply, almost out of control. In few words, even though there are hundreds of thousands of apps available, there is much more demand for apps than there is supply. Google search results for words relating to apps have also been showing a remarkable growth rate, proving beyond doubt that the app industry is one of the most burgeoning technological industries in the world today.

Creating a marketable smartphone app is more a matter of being creative than of being an excellent app engineer. To get good ideas for what might become a successful addition to the vast landscape of available apps, get in touch with the growing community of smartphone owners and listen to their complaints, wishes, and praises. Study up on what is selling in app stores across various smartphone platforms, and then spend some time coming up with an idea and crafting it specifically to the available market.

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