Injection Molding Seminars Benefit the Entire Industry

Injection molding is everywhere whether you realize it or not. From the smallest of game pieces to large car panels, many of the things that we use everyday are made by injecting a substance into a mold. Believe it or not there are many steps in the injection molding process. Beginning with the initial design of a product by an engineer or industrial designer. Next a moldmaker constructs the mold from metal. Once the mold is made any number of materials can be heated and then injected into the mold to make the desired product. As technology advances so to do many industrial fields. This advancement requires that those working in a given field also advance in their training. A good way to stay up to date in the field of injection molding is to attend one of the many injection molding seminars offered around the country.

Who Should Attend A Seminar?

Injection molding seminars are beneficial for anyone that is or wants to be immersed in the field.

  • engineers and industrial designers
  • plant managers
  • new development professionals
  • sales, accounting, and marketing managers
  • quality control and assurance personnel

However, each seminar should list the specifics of their course and this will enable you to determine if that seminar is the correct one for you.

What Benefits Should Be Expected By Attending A Seminar?

The benefits of attending a seminar are considerable and the list below only name a few.

  • Develop a greater understanding of the best way to select molding materials
  • Learn new ways to troubleshoot failures
  • Learn the best way to figure costs involved in making molds
  • Become more familiar with the technical terms and classifications of the mold industry
  • Gain a greater knowledge of injection molding machinery
  • New processes to minimize production mistakes
  • Learn more about the different materials available and their requirements
  • Possibly gain experience using hydraulic and electric molding machines

As you can see attending an injection molding seminar is a wonderful way for anyone to gain more knowledge of the science behind injection molding. This knowledge is what keeps the industry moving forward and developing new and more cost effective ways of molding.

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